Do We Have the Right People Coaching Our Talented Young Athletes?

In sport, we have heard some version of the adage “your best coaches should work with your youngest athletes”. My view is that we need a different way of judging whether a person has the skills to work with talented young people, because the skills required to be a UKCC Level 4 / Pro Licence […]

Coaches Should Speak More About Their Failures.

In my experience, there are many ego-driven coaches. It’s difficult to have a short conversation with some of them without being told what club they work for, or how many champions they have produced. However, what concerns me at a grassroots level is that coaches are quick to share their successes, but often tight lipped […]

Coaching: Listening Is The Real Super Power.

It is interesting to me that a quiet, introverted person will often be accused of lacking in social skills. However, by listening to others talk without the need to speak, we are actually practising the most important social skill of all. We carry an image of what a coach should do, and this is often […]