Sports Clubs – The Healers Our Communities Need

Right now (end November 2020) there have been almost 1 million confirmed cases of coronavirus here in the UK, and over 50,000 deaths. Even if we have managed to stay safe and healthy, It is impossible not to have been affected by COVID-19. For many of us, our mental health and well-being has suffered. According to […]

Coaches – Are You Growing With Your Athletes?

In sport, we can get too bogged down with the roles and responsibilities of the coach. Sometimes we can get too academic or philosophical about what their job is. However, I think we can agree that they are responsible for helping an athlete get better (and we will all have diverging opinions of what “helping”, […]

Are We Recognising Talent Too Young?

I was once lucky enough to visit Everton FC’s training ground, which was exactly as you would imagine a Premier League team’s multi-million pound training facility to be – top of the range, innovative, with incredible attention of detail. It seems no stone is left upturned when it comes to developing talent. As part of […]

Sports Clubs – Retention Is More Important Than Growth.

When it comes to involvement in sport, we are still using growth as the measure of success. Government and sports governing bodies will use the increase in participants as a badge of honour, to prove how healthy they are. We have increased participation by 10% this year, therefore our sport must be doing well. I […]

Coaches – How You Make Someone Feel Is More Important Than What You Know.

A lot has been written about the impact of technology in society today, particularly smart phones and social media. One of the biggest changes has been that we now have the answer to any question we might want to answer in our pocket. All we need to do is Google it. For sports – and […]